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Shopping Spree

We will be going back to KL for school holiday, everybody is excited.. meeting the other side of the family.  I will find time to go shopping with my best friend.. just the two of us.  My favorite shopping spot is in Jaya Jusco… just 10 minute away from our house… i just love the Scarlet line.. sure will hear lots of the barcode scanner sound …at the cashier..tuuut..tuuut.!

Shopping with family especially with children around is difficult and distracting..  My time to go shopping with my best friend will be a whole day.. that’s for sure.  But i will be very selective this time.. i don’t want to overspend.

Whatever it is.. just wait and see what they offer.. i love shopping while everything on promotion.. with great discount!..  I will not be using my credit card..will be using my debit card.. more better that way.. Love to share with you this cartoon.

I would love to have a Fairy  Godmother let me use a credit card.. even if its expire at midnight.. i will be home before the midnight.. i promise you Fairy Godmother!..

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