Do you know that nowadays..with our modern technology, we can ensure who fathered the unborn child.   A pregnant woman can do the paternity testing while pregnant.  I don’t know about you.. but if your husband ask you to this paternity test, he must have doubt.. right?  Don’t we trust our partner/spouse anymore?.. but maybe its precaution especially for unmarried couple to go through.  Well.. somebody got to prove something especially when its have to do with responsibility.

Whatever it is ..once a child is born.. love and care is all they wanted…if you could hear their prayer!

O Almighty God,
who hast given unto me my father and mother,
and made them to be an image of Thine authority,
and love, and tender watchfulness;
and hast commanded me to love, and honour,
and obey them in all things:
give me grace cheerfully and with my whole heart
to keep this Thy law.
Help me to love them fervently,
to honour them truly,
to yield a ready obedience to their commands,
to comply with their wishes,
to study their happiness in everything,
and to bear their rebukes with patience and humility.
Deliver me O God, from pride,
rebellion and wilfulness,
from passion and stubbornness,
from sloth and carelessness.
Make me diligent in all my duties and studies,
and patient in all my trials;
that so living, I may deserve to be Thy child,
who art our Father in Heaven.