Life is a beautiful journey!

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Enjoy Today, Saved for Tomorrow!

I am still keeping my goal for this year.. that is ..’saving’.  It was hard to do at first but as i do it monthly, i naturally feel it easier to maintain and the more money i have..the more money i put into saving, especially for my children.  I just can’t wait for July.. not …

Family Friend Holiday KL Trip usinku

Shopping Spree

We will be going back to KL for school holiday, everybody is excited.. meeting the other side of the family.  I will find time to go shopping with my best friend.. just the two of us.  My favorite shopping spot is in Jaya Jusco… just 10 minute away from our house… i just love the …

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A Child’s Prayer

Do you know that nowadays..with our modern technology, we can ensure who fathered the unborn child.   A pregnant woman can do the paternity testing while pregnant.  I don’t know about you.. but if your husband ask you to this paternity test, he must have doubt.. right?  Don’t we trust our partner/spouse anymore?.. but maybe its …