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    The Attitude of Gratitude


    Why am i not pretty like her?  Why am i not smart enough? Why God give me this problem?.. I wish i had a bigger car, i could have married a millionaire..  You never satisfied in anything you do or have.

    Everybody wants to be prettier, smarter, richer or the better from somebody else… Why are we comparing ourselves to others? Why are we questioning God?

    Imagine yourself waking up in the morning, seeing nothing, smell nothing, no voice come out from your mouth.. or even worse.. you don’t feel anything .. you are dead!

    What were you thinking?.. no pulse to live ..no voice to say.. no eyes to see..

    Now.. that you have imagined the situation.. did you realized how perfect you are? how glad you are to have the opportunity to live? Be able to breath.. to smell and drink the coffee…able to walk…run…

    Learn to be grateful with what we have… count the blessings.  You are not as beautiful as Jenifer Lopez but you are amazing just the way you are.  You are not as brilliant as Einstein but you still have your brain to think.  You are not as rich as Oprah (she was struggling to be on top) but at least you have money in your   bsn online .. if not much at least you got few ringgit to save.. which you will make it double through saving.

    If you start counting your blessing as small as be grateful for being able to smell the coffee.. being grateful for having a house..not big but it is your home, being grateful that your wife cook for you even sometimes its not tasty, be grateful that your husband help you sweep the floor even its not as clean as you expected.  Be grateful!

    Start counting your blessing and learn to be grateful.

    The more grateful you are, the more blessings you will receive.


    Yours truly,