Ipad or Just Be Happy With Lappy

I feel like a waste of money paying my broadband monthly because i only go online during the weekend or when i urgently need to update my blog. I can’t update my blog in the office because of the internet connection.. so slow.. and i don’t really like to mix work and personal thingy..moreover i don’t get ideas to blog in the office.

I was thinking to either using prepaid broadband ..i don’t know if its worth it or just get an ipad, it will be easier for me to update my blog anywhere..anytime. I have not bought any ipad yet but the ipad2 accessories are so tempting. Till i get my ipad, i just stick with my lappy and be happy with it.

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One Response to “Ipad or Just Be Happy With Lappy”

  1. SJB says:

    Dua dua pun best kan?.

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