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Trip to Kipandi Butterfly Park

I have prepared a mind map for my family.. only a brief one .. it will be my guide for our monthly activities for my family, my children especially. I want them to enjoy life.. make appreciate life and teaching them of life balance from the early age.

In a month they will have visits to library, jog in a park, stay over at their grandparents, visit relatives, play games or lunch/dinner in a shopping mall.. and ‘Surprise Trip’ a trip to a new place… I make sure i arrange something to make them looking forward for something new.

We just started this ‘ surprise trip’ this doesn’t mean its an expensive or a far destination… it can be a new park or to the wet market .. surprise!.. ‘hey look at the crabs’!.. ‘mummy! That is a big fish’…

Our first trip was to Perdana Park, a new recreational park that just officially opened..  and we will sure go there again… and just last week we went all the way to Kipandi Park.   I only knew about this from the Sabah Tourism’s website.. I don’t even know Sabah have our own Butterfly Park besides the one in Hot Spring. It was an enjoyable experience.. and we took lots of pictures.. We just love to see the pictures.. from pc to tv cables .. it is indeed interesting to watched your family on tv rather then from the camera nor the pc… more bigger, clearer and fun.

Sharing with you few pictures..



Break your routine once in awhile and create a new adventure.

Have fun on your ‘Surprise Trip’




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