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Sexy Wife and a Macho Husband

We…women are so concern about our body, the foods we consume..we want to be in shape.. we love the foods but we need to get in shape.. for who?.. Well.. some of my friends say.. ‘my husband said i’m fat‘.. ouch.. that’s hurt. If you want to look good and feel better ..i is not because other people asked you too..but you want to feel as how comfortable you are.

I have seen a few married couple.. beautiful, sexy wife.. but not so macho hubby.. no offense ya.. big tummy but walking confidently next to his wife. I say it is time for a man to consider healthy food or weight loss pills for men. You don’t want people calling you ‘Beauty and the Beast’ do you?.. Barbie and Ken would be too perfect but they are the beautiful couple i want to imagine.

The next time your husband asked you to loss weight, tell him.. ‘if you want me to be a sexy wife, you got to be a macho husband’.


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