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Have Fun With Your Teenagers

What are becoming to teenagers these days.. or not only teenagers but also adults.   We read about those addicted to drugs, went to rehab but once the person out from rehab still continue taking drugs.  What happened in rehab? i am sure they were given prescription drug abuse addiction .. but why going back  for drugs?  addiction or habit?  having  their own world… their imagination. Living in their own world where they always thought nobody cares.. nobody loves them.  But what about those who sell drugs.. the supplier? they get money.. lots of money..while others suffers. We .. as parents has a role in making sure our children especially teenagers occupied themselves with healthy activities.

We are responsible in helping our teenagers in coping their transition in becoming young adults… making sure they succeed in their studies and be opened mind on what career they choose.   Above all.. good communication between parents and teenagers and also understanding is very important.


Teenagers.. they don’t want to be treated as a child yet still unable to accept criticism as an adult… You have to back to your teenage time to understand that.

Enjoy and have fun with your teenagers!



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