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Just The Three Of Us

A typical Sunday.. after mass.. i can hear them.. ‘lets go to City Mall!’..they even whispered during the mass.   Sadly, husband not feeling well.. we headed home..but my children were eager to have their Sunday treat..  oooh i can feel disappointment on their faces.

Okay.. Daddy not feeling well..but Mummy feeling just fine..  i then decided to send their daddy home to get some rest and then I drove my children to City Mall… you should see their happy faces.

The first place to visit.. of course.. the restaurant.. get something to eat..while eating they are so eager to play game.. they don’t even eat properly.. i know they were sitting down there but their mind wandering at the recreational center nearby.

Okay..done with games.. bought drawing books, magic  colors and crayon from Popular .. its a deal i made with them for behaving so good and willing to go home without force..hehe..  and last but not least..the treat they have been waiting for.. before we went home.. both got a taste of chocolate strawberries ice creams ..yum yum.

We had fun.. yup..just the three of us.

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