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Teacher or Teacher!

I was scheduling a meeting for my boss for next week.. i thought i make a mistakes on the date.. next week is already the month of March..!.. March? Oh dear.. time is running fast. And today i feel it running even faster when my friend and I went to register our daughters to primary one. While in the primary school.. we passed by primary one class and heard.. someone shouted .. alli!.. well sounds like that.. i saw a young lady teacher scolding a girl.. the teacher was so angry..talking while shouting..she speaks in mandarin though.. i don’t understand..and the girl look so ashame, sad and shock.. for goodness sake she is primary one. ‘so garang’!.. i said out loud .. and i am sure the teacher can hear me well.

I can’t help thinking of the situation..i feel for the girl.. this will make students scared to go to school and can also make them feel down. There are ways to tackle student’s behavior, teachers can be nasty sometimes .. i just hope they updates themselves with new technique of teaching..rather than scolding and embarrassment to the student.

Don’t we all have that kind of situation when we were in school? I remember complaint to my dad, what the teacher said and did..and its hurts.. his reply.. it is your fault.. and you deserved it.. .. and i feel that is more hurting. I realized my children will faced that situation sooner or later.. and i have given them advice… if teacher scold you .. and you don’t know how to do it..just say ‘i am sorry .. i don’t know how to do this or i don’t understand .. so please help me’.. i want them to have a stand for themselves…i hope teachers will understand the message.

Please teacher.. be nice.

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