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From Rashes To Beautiful Skin

Mummy! head itchy…. scratching her head.. worse.. she will ask me to scratch her head, shoulder, hand..everywhere she feel itch. She usually feels the itchiness when she is sleepy.. and its becoming a habit… lucky she fall asleep fast though.

I remember when she was a baby, she had rashes all over her cute face and sometimes back of the ear and neck. I will get stress especially on Sunday, whenever we attended Mass in church or any social functions.. everybody will look at my girl.. i can see their faces…. and some advised to get eczema treatments. I will give her only mild powder, soap and also baby detergent to wash her clothes until she reaches 1 years old.. the rashes disappear. Some says it because i did not take care of my foods while breastfed her. Well whatever it is.. lucky she have beautiful and healthy skin.

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