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Wall Stickers Brighter Up Your Room!

I went to a shopping complex with my family, i saw a shop selling a wall sticker with 20% discount and they are also a designer furniture.  I ever seen this shop selling this wall stickers before but i don’t really bother until yesterday.  It look so cool, so i bought 3 stickers.  Today i stick 2 walls, the master bedroom with the birds and leaves and my kids’ room with cute giraffes.  Still ‘thinking where to stick the flowers and butterflies.. husband warned no sticking on the living room.

It’s not easy to peel, especially if its small … but once its stick on the wall.. wow! look so nice..  Depending on your theme, or picture of the wall sticker..it will make your room so lively.. and interesting.

If you want to make a change..try wall stickers.

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