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Let a Child be a Child

My boy have been busy studying.  I am glad i send him to the tution center, he have shown very much improvement in his study.  I always make sure he finished his homework in the tution center so that he don’t need to do anything at home after school, i just want him to rest but sometimes he still have unfinished work, he have no choice but to do it at home.  I don’t really push him, if he can do i give him praise, if he can’t do, i give him support and let him know he did a good job trying.  He is learning..and i want him to know that education is important and its fun.. learning is enjoy and fun.. i don’t want him to make learning as a burden or stressful.

While learning is important, playing are a must!.. playing is where they create their imagination and creativity.  He also like to play games online but i am controlling his time because he is visual, so every time he play games he will think more on the games rather than what he read or learn.  I have no choice but to control him, i even have to hide the laptop and also the broadband. .. poor boy. He still dream of having his own ps3 games, which i will give him once he know how to focus on his study.

I let him play on his own, he pretend himself as a karate kid, he jump, kick.. as long as he’s happy.. and sweat..its ok and as long as he doesn’t hurt himself.  I also let him help me in the kitchen, let them try everything they want to do… don’t kill their curiosity but i of course with your guidance.

We usually jog once a week, if not in the park.. just at our long as my children walk and sweat a bit.  There will activity for my children at least once a week or once in every two weeks.. they will looking forward for that moment.. always a surprise for them..even a visit to my aunty’s home is a surprise… its fun!

Let them enjoy their childhood.. learning, playing and having lots of fun!  They will cherish this forever. 🙂

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