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    Wall Stickers Brighter Up Your Room!

    I went to a shopping complex with my family, i saw a shop selling a wall sticker with 20% discount and they are also a designer furniture.  I ever seen this shop selling this wall stickers before but i don’t really bother until yesterday.  It look so cool, so i bought 3 stickers.  Today i stick 2 walls, the master bedroom with the birds and leaves and my kids’ room with cute giraffes.  Still ‘thinking where to stick the flowers and butterflies.. husband warned no sticking on the living room.

    It’s not easy to peel, especially if its small … but once its stick on the wall.. wow! look so nice..  Depending on your theme, or picture of the wall sticker..it will make your room so lively.. and interesting.

    If you want to make a change..try wall stickers.

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    Let a Child be a Child

    My boy have been busy studying.  I am glad i send him to the tution center, he have shown very much improvement in his study.  I always make sure he finished his homework in the tution center so that he don’t need to do anything at home after school, i just want him to rest but sometimes he still have unfinished work, he have no choice but to do it at home.  I don’t really push him, if he can do i give him praise, if he can’t do, i give him support and let him know he did a good job trying.  He is learning..and i want him to know that education is important and its fun.. learning is enjoy and fun.. i don’t want him to make learning as a burden or stressful.

    While learning is important, playing are a must!.. playing is where they create their imagination and creativity.  He also like to play games online but i am controlling his time because he is visual, so every time he play games he will think more on the games rather than what he read or learn.  I have no choice but to control him, i even have to hide the laptop and also the broadband. .. poor boy. He still dream of having his own ps3 games, which i will give him once he know how to focus on his study.

    I let him play on his own, he pretend himself as a karate kid, he jump, kick.. as long as he’s happy.. and sweat..its ok and as long as he doesn’t hurt himself.  I also let him help me in the kitchen, let them try everything they want to do… don’t kill their curiosity but i of course with your guidance.

    We usually jog once a week, if not in the park.. just at our place..as long as my children walk and sweat a bit.  There will activity for my children at least once a week or once in every two weeks.. they will looking forward for that moment.. always a surprise for them..even a visit to my aunty’s home is a surprise… its fun!

    Let them enjoy their childhood.. learning, playing and having lots of fun!  They will cherish this forever. 🙂