Glue on Glee

I love watching Glee .. even though i did not follow the series but i watch whenever i have the opportunity to do so. Glee is full of emotions.. imagining myself back when i was a teenager.. yup.. life as a teenagers.. there are rejections, sadness, love, happy, surprises, fun, crazy, wild and full of laughter.

The different characteristic in the cast are great.. and it proves that physical appearance does not matter and music does bring people together. Music plays important role, singing and dancing is the great way in expressing your emotions. Oh..i just love it when they dance.. especially if they do music that i loves.. and the choreography are just superb.

Nowadays, my husband and I, are just glue on glee, this musical comedy series are just great, no wonder they receive so many trophies and awards, it’s quite an achievements.

If you can express it through words.. sing it out loud!


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3 Responses to “Glue on Glee”

  1. SJB says:

    Di sini pun banyak orang tengok ni. Saya kadang kadang saja tengok.

  2. SJB says:

    Oh, sikit lagi lupa. saya dapat sudah tu earring. Thanks k.

  3. sue,siok bah tu glee…bah blog gia abt d earring..hehe

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