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Make an old sofa new

I have been thinking to change my sofa set but i am still using the same … old sofa set… just sad to let it go.. huhu.   The sofa set is still in good condition but the only problem is the cushion is thin.  I have change the cushion cover but i still need to repair the cushion.. oh i have been saying this for i don’t know how many times  already.  And i am still thinking its wasting money to change the sofa set.  I have learn there is another way to make it look new.. that is using the chair slipcover, what i need to do is repair the cushion and just use the slipcover to make it look nice and new.

Well.. i hope its worth it.. just try it first..if its not how i expected it to look.. i might just go to plan B.. buy a new set.. and finish i with it.

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