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Innocent Child

I am proud that my daughter  loves to draw, she is artistic.. and also talkative.. that makes a package of creative. She will be 5 years old this April, she don’t really know how to spell yet..but last week we wanted to shop for groceries.. so i was writing the list down while asking my husband what else we needed to buy.. suddenly she said she wanted to write.. well i gave her another piece of paper.. she asked..and she write something..i wonder how she wrote it.. she will ask ‘what else mummy?’.. apple.. ok.. ‘anything else?’ was fun to see the way she ask and if its so real.. i will add my list.. tv.. sofa.. . until i said.. ‘that’s it’.. ok..let me see.. My creative girl did not write it.. she draw.. she draw most of the list are there.. and i let her bring her list with her.. oh ya she know what she draw.
Few days ago, there she was with her paper and pencil.. looking at me.. i asked what she was doing at that time.. she just said nothing while drawing something. She came to me with a smile..’mummy, look i draw your face’.. I said ‘waaa.. thank you.. this is beautiful..but why are there black dots on my face?’.. She said ‘you see lah.. ada dirty bah your face kan’… The statement she gave me was an insult..but yet honest.
This is it… i really need to get acne scar treatments for my face.. i really do.. i must!
A child is innocent and honest.. their opinion can be hurtful but so listen!


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