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A Space For Creativity

I just feel so relieve that i managed to clear clusters in the small room we have at home. I have been trying to get it arranged for so many years. It have been a junky room.. all the tools boxes, magazines, unfilled documents, recycle papers are all in there.. it was just a mess..until few weeks ago with the help of my mum preparing lunch.. ..i really managed to cleared it without disturbance from my children. Tools boxes packed and kept on the top shelf.. toys kept in boxes.. unwanted toys, documents.. boxes.. were thrown.

My husband help me rearranging the study table, cabinet.. our pink sofa. I called the room the office @ reading room… we even put in chrissa and sean’s cabinet books in. We arranged the laptop, speaker, cds, scanner.. the only important thing missing is the printer… I really need to get one of the epson printers on sale this weekend. Once i get that printer… it will be easier for me to do my work.

Hopefully the new clean environment can create creative ideas in my work.

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