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    Innocent Child

    I am proud that my daughter  loves to draw, she is artistic.. and also talkative.. that makes a package of creative. She will be 5 years old this April, she don’t really know how to spell yet..but last week we wanted to shop for groceries.. so i was writing the list down while asking my husband what else we needed to buy.. suddenly she said she wanted to write.. well i gave her another piece of paper.. she asked..and she write something..i wonder how she wrote it.. she will ask ‘what else mummy?’.. apple.. ok.. ‘anything else?’..it was fun to see the way she ask and write..as if its so real.. i will add my list.. tv.. sofa.. . until i said.. ‘that’s it’.. ok..let me see.. My creative girl did not write it.. she draw.. she draw apple..tv..sofa.. most of the list are there.. and i let her bring her list with her.. oh ya she know what she draw.
    Few days ago, there she was with her paper and pencil.. looking at me.. i asked what she was doing at that time.. she just said nothing while drawing something. She came to me with a smile..’mummy, look i draw your face’.. I said ‘waaa.. thank you.. this is beautiful..but why are there black dots on my face?’.. She said ‘you see lah.. ada dirty bah your face kan’… The statement she gave me was an insult..but yet honest.
    This is it… i really need to get acne scar treatments for my face.. i really do.. i must!
    A child is innocent and honest.. their opinion can be hurtful but so true..so listen!

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    Once we reached the chapter of marriage.. most of us are blessed to open another chapter that is parenting. It is truly a challenge, especially when there are still small and needed our attention… and can be a stressful when they grow up as teenagers. No matter what their age, how they behave, how challenging, how stressful they can be.. there are still our children.. and when they grow up.. being adult.. married.. taller than us.. successful than us.. there are still our children.
    Parenting is a learning experience, if there are a system on dealing with children .. it will never works the same for every parents.. why? Because our children are different.. some are blessed with naturally smart, talkative, hyperactive, slow, gifted and some are just special.
    There are hard and difficult times in parenting and I am sure you have been in a situation where you need a ‘remote control’ .. just to pause that moment..or fast forward.. just to do anything to fix the situation … or just say a magic word ‘hoodia‘ ‘hoohaa’ anything and it will be alright.
    I believe a mother easily attached to their child’s emotion, it is easier for a mother to make a child listen and because mother make it in a creative way. Being a mother myself, i understand my hyperactive/sensitive son and talkative daughter’s needs.. when they angry..when they need attention. There are books on how to deal with children.. and again.. there are not the same with every child.. The best think to learn is to analyze your child.. one by one.. to make them listen to you.. you have to think the way their think..not the way you think.
    And if you learn something about new on how to about handling children, share it with your spouse, parenting is not only a mother’s responsibility but both husband and wife. We all make mistakes but we never learned unless we try.

    Happy children comes from creative parenting.. all the best!


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    Secret On Healthy Diet

    My goal this year..is to be wealthy..inside and out. We all aware that wealth is important but i believe health is a priority. How would you enjoy being wealthy but not healthy.. you don’t want to sit on the wheel chair while shopping… do you?
    My aim is to create a healthy life style..starting one step at a time.
    There are techniques on how to have a healthy body and mind..using NLP… if you have basic knowledge
    about NLP it will be easier for you to try it. Most of the techniques are using mind control, meditation and relaxation without taking any diet pills or metabolism pills .
    I will assure you that the techniques will not make you starve.. because dieting is not how much you eat but what you eat.
    Before i share the techniques with others, i am learning and adapting it first..no worries.. I will share the ‘secret on healthy diet’ once i succeed.