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    If You Want Something… Visualize It

    According to ‘The Secret’… in order to achieve or get what we want. What we need to do is just visualize it.. in a way that it already exist..in front of your eyes. You can get almost anything from the universe the only thing to do is ask.
    Imagine what we want…be creative in your imagination… if what you want is in the terms of things..or items..maybe.. a VCD player, latest gadget or laptop or maybe 5.1 home theatre system…. anything… just imagine the shape.. the color.. the sound.. (if have any).. and imagine where you want to place it.
    You might need to feel the emotions if you get it..what you wanted, how would it affect your emotion..happy,..excited..or enjoy. Do these steps at the same time everyday.. or keep it in your journal.. why you really want it.. when can you get it.. what value it makes to you and others.
    There is another way on how to get what you want ..just cut the pictures of the certain things or items and paste it in your journal or somewhere where you can see everyday.
    You might not get it tomorrow but maybe one good day. And it won’t happened if you don’t believe it.