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    A Journey Called Marriage

    I was thinking what to write.. at the same time searching for information in the internet.. I came across a website of destination wedding dresses .. it reminds me of every details of a beautiful wedding and most of all the root words of wedding…Marriages.

    Lets see how it all started… It all started for being a lover.. and you thought ‘this is it…he/she is the one.. your soul mate.. forever and ever’.

    The first step.. The Proposal.. How romantic.. they guy will get down on his knees and ask his girlfriend… ‘will you marry me’… girlfriend blush.. ‘yes! i do! i do!…

    The next step..is the most important event… The Wedding..If both side willing to share to pay for the wedding..you are lucky!..but if only one side and the other side wants the ‘wedding of the year’.. think twice.. a grand.. expensive wedding doesn’t mean a long lasting happy marriage. You will start seeing your future partner’s true colors during the planning of the wedding..unless you hire a wedding planner. You and your partner invested money, time and energy to get a wedding but a wedding just ended once the reception over.

    Then start your journey with your spouse in ‘The Marriage’… It usually started sweet and nice..and everything taste so right.

    A child will bring light to your marriage.. and you beginning to learn how to be ‘the parents’..started browsing in the internet and other resources to get information on a child development… giving the best for them.

    Marriage is a journey for both ..learning to be a good partner..parents…good communication is vital…in the journey.. the wife talks, the husband listen.. then the husband will talk and the wife will listen…but hey will be time you will get frustrated.. dissatisfied.. you burst in anger… and at this point both husband and wife talks..the neighbors listen.

    But that is the journey all about.. both not perfect..both need each other to get it perfect..to satisfied..to be happy…both will try hard to get more income..to get foods on the table..to get good education for the children.. but at the end of the day.. a happy family is what we wanted.. and all we need is the loving..caring..family to be by our side.

    Parents often search for wealth for the sake of their children…but what the children need are simply just wealth in getting the attention from their parents.