On Leave but Working..

Most parents are busy these weeks..especially today.. and especially those sending their children for the first time to kindergarten and primary one.  Even my son is in primary two.. me and husband still worry about him.. and we are sending our 5 years old daughter to a new kindergarten with Mandarin medium.  We both took leave for this and i am also taking the opportunity to clear up my office at home.   I really need time to clear some mess.. and i still haven’t get a printer yet.. and now i need a Velo binding to add to my office equipments.

I hope i can really get it done during my leaves.. or else..need to take another day off to set up my home office.. till then..another chores waiting.

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6 Responses to “On Leave but Working..”

  1. Vie says:

    home office.. I like the sound of it…

  2. mmm.. just to put things in proper place bah ni.. so it wont mix up with other things..

  3. Wow! Ko ada office at home!…how nice! I wish I have one…well, ada juga small room tp now became store = toys, books..bla bla bla

    Hey, keep on writing (^^)

  4. wyne..bila kita jumpa oh?:)

  5. Shirley, how about we meet on 31/1/2011?…hehe…I’m starting my CNY leave on that day so ‘bulih talapas’ dari kandang…hehe!

    Your working at where?

  6. shirley says:

    i will let you know… we sms each other kio 🙂

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