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    On Leave but Working..

    Most parents are busy these weeks..especially today.. and especially those sending their children for the first time to kindergarten and primary one.  Even my son is in primary two.. me and husband still worry about him.. and we are sending our 5 years old daughter to a new kindergarten with Mandarin medium.  We both took leave for this and i am also taking the opportunity to clear up my office at home.   I really need time to clear some mess.. and i still haven’t get a printer yet.. and now i need a Velo binding to add to my office equipments.

    I hope i can really get it done during my leaves.. or else..need to take another day off to set up my home office.. till then..another chores waiting.

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    Malaysian Tigers!!

    I am not a big fan of any football teams but i watch if there is any interesting match.  I was watching the final match AFF Suzuki Cup between Malaysia and Indonesia..both in Malaysia and Indonesia.. boy i was thrilled looking at the way our Malaysian team played… and admiring the Goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat… if its not because of this great young man.. it might be more than 2 goals by Indonesian.

    Malaysia Coach, Mr. Rajagopal should be praised for giving these talented young players a chance to prove themselves.. and they did .. Safee Sali.. and all the players really did their best!  Hopefully this team will continue to be the champion in other tournament in the future.

    Malaysian received the best gift when Malaysian team won.. and extra special when the Prime Minister announced that the New Year’s eve was a Public Holiday!

    Not everyone can be trained to be a champion.. a champion sometimes just come along with your gifted talent.. once you discover your talent or skills then you can polish it and be the best!   If we knew what we have in us.. we don’t have to rush to any jobs retail to get a job.. and some of us maybe did not realized that we have been wasting our time sitting in the office from 9 to 5..  you might be the one playing in the field right now.  Sometimes we needed time to realize it.. its just up to us.

    Sharing pictures from Official AFC Suzuki Cup.

    No. 22.. is the best!

    Hooray for the Malaysian Tigers!!

    Congratulations to Malaysian Team… be the best..always!