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    Enjoy the Ride of 2011

      If a brand new year is like opening a new chapter of a book.. well here i am still thinking what to write on the first chapter. .. here i am still unsure of what ahead of me…what i want to achieve this year.   Every year i have something in mind but its funny that i don’t usually get what i wanted but i got what i needed… so i decided not to plan anything first…. I don’t want to crack my head and go down to details as what i usually did.. i will ended up taking alcohol detox if things don’t go as planned..this time i go with the flow.

      We don’t write every chapter of the book.. every chapters ends with a story that have been told by us..we don’t write our own story… we did not created it.. it happened!…yes..we have our purpose in life.. and we want to achieve what we want.. so we write.. but doesn’t mean it published!.. doesn’t mean we achieve what we wanted in that certain chapter… so we rewrite until it publish.   We will complete our own book once we are no longer here… others will decide how good the content will be.

      A brand new year is a another journey!…imagine you are driving to your destination.. you can go as fast as you can because the road is smooth….your car is in a good condition.. how good life is!… but what happened if you driving on a bumpy road?..you will drive slow and more careful.. and there will be time that you want to stop… take it easy… life can be roughed.. Every year we will stumble upon mistakes, challenges, trial, loves, rejections..and all the things that we want and avoided.. That what journey is all about.. you drive.. so you decide how to avoid and where you are heading.

      Safe journey and enjoy the ride of 2011!