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Another Digital Camera Please!

I love window shopping..especially at this time..everywhere you go you will see.. ‘SALES!..SALES!.. Different color tags everywhere just to mark 20%, 40%, 50% and even 70% in each items.

My favorite area is at the kids’ corner.. toys, stationery, and also at the Ladies section.. but now i love to check out at the electronic area .. i saw sales on digital cameras.. mmm temptation.  I have my own digital camera but if i can find a cheap one i want to buy for my children.

My children love taking pictures, they have their own style in taking pictures ..which sometimes i sees as creative. We will have more adventurous journey and let them take pictures ..this will make them appreciate nature more.  Who knows the picture they take can make money.. might be just a picture for us.. but might be a master piece for others.

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