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Being a Housewife

    Well.. if we were a vehicle.. i guess being a housewife need a 5th wheel insurance..meaning housewives are four wheel drive..with extra wheel at the back.. extra energy.

    It is school holiday.. . and it is not fair to send them to daycare.. so i asked my parents for help..but they have something on yesterday and today.. so i have to take my day off to be with my children.

    Being a housewife for these two days… i need to plan my day.. so the first day .. i decided to bring them to the library.. which we did.. we went to the library before fetching my husband from work..they were excited to see so many books.. they took one book after another… it was great but it was too cold…i just can’t concentrate.. went back home with migraine… and that forced me to swallow pain killers.

    Today.. not much being done.. but managed to bring them for a walk .. while we were walking.. suddenly it was raining.. we were running back home..lucky we were near .. they really enjoy the running in the rain.

    Enjoy being a housewife even for few days.. and will take this job again soon.

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