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    Stress Free & Youthful Look With ‘Mind Vacation’

    Are you stress? you have so many things in mind .. you really want to solve your problems but you don’t know what or how to start.  The only way to think is to relax yourself first.   Let me share with you a technique.. i called it ‘mind vacation’.   Let me bring you to the beach.. you do not have to put any lotion.. that saves me from giving you tanning lotion reviews.  If you can do this technique for 10-20 minutes a day.. i assure you..you will have less stress life and a youthful looks.

    Ready? lets start..

    Close your eyes.. and imagine.. you are at a beautiful beach right now.. just imagine what do you want to see.. would you want to be alone? or would you like to have other people to be there?  its all up to you.. its your imagination.. your vacation.. you have the right to feel and imagine whatever you like.

    Now.. lay down on the beach.. feel the warm sun touches your skin.. relax yourself.. feel the breeze touches your face.. and smell the ocean.

    Continue relaxing yourself..imagine of letting go the sadness.. your anger.. your stress there..   once you are ready to wake up.. just open your eyes.. I am sure you will feel great after your ‘mind vacation’.

    Happy Mind Vacation