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    In life… we were given options or choices but sometimes we tend to choose what is not than what is.  We know of the wrong choices but we want to give it a try.  Is it wrong? i don’t see its wrong actually that is why there are mistakes.  We learn from mistakes, so the next time we going at the same path, we will be extra careful in choosing the choices we have. The mistakes might be something we regretted and might even have carry what we have done for the rest of our life. Whatever it is, whatever happened or done have been done and no turning back. The only thing to do is to accept and forgive yourself.

    I believe it is more easier to forgive other people than ourselves. We let ourselves suffer.. what do we get? pimples and you will need to get severe acne treatment, wrinkles, headaches, stress and the worse we might get.. cancer.

    Stop thinking of what other people think about you, they don’t deserve to judge you. You are your own business, not others. Let them think whatever they like but what you feel is important and to forgive yourself is the first step that you need to take.

    Everybody make mistakes, it happened, learn from mistakes … mistakes make you stronger and wiser!


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    The Amazing Race Asia – 4

    I don’t really watch this season of Amazing Race Asia but whenever i got a chance i wont missed it.  I watched a few episodes and i love all the teams.. they have their own  strategies in every challenges given.  It is  interesting to see how they put on their strength together when they know they are losing and their determination to win.

    I believe this race not only challenging your body fitness, which i know they are using hgh spray or cream during the race but also challenge their relationship, their commitment on working together and how they work as a team in handling every task or situation.

    Whatever it is, i have my favorite  teams,

    Claire Goh, 21, Musician | Michelle S. Ng, 22, Actress
    Rebel Pals, Singapore –  i just love these ladies…so daring!

    Lim Kok Hon (Ethan), 26, Social Worker | Mohd Khairie, 25, Graduate
    Friends, Malaysia- they are so funny but strong

    Richard Hardin, 34, Pro Basketballer | Richard Herrera, 31, Actor
    Friends, The Philippines –  with style and attitude.. with good looks

    Good luck to all the teams.. see you in the finish line!