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    Wealth or Health?

    I was doing my work in the office, while thinking about what to write in my blog.  I also need to start doing a program, which i haven’t started yet and i was supposed to update something, not to mentioned my filing system still half way both in office and at home.

    I really need to check which task will be my first  priority, this multi-tasking just to get multi-income really makes me multi-tired.  My body need to be  re-charged, and  my mind, just like the computer need to be upgraded.  It is time for me to appreciate myself.  I want a SPA treatment to have a glow skin and relaxed mind.   What else do i need?.. iya ..exercise, and also best hgh supplement to get a  healther body and mind.  It is time for me to slow down..and smell the coffee!

    I would prioritize health.. after wealth for life balance.