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    When The Body Talking

    Here i am almost midnight still doing my alli customer reviews, while others were sleeping and might be in their dream land.  My mind still have thinking to do and my  fingers still working on the keyboard, but my eyelid wanted to close and my body feels wanted to lie down on the bed.  My brain helping me to send messages to the whole body.. to wait..wait just for awhile.  My brain still have ideas, so might use it now or it will just go to waste.

    Now another problem arise, my tummy needs something to be filled in..but my mouth cannot accept any foods at this time.  My brain insisted having an idea.. let me see.. aha!.. a good idea.. lets just listen to the whole body.. and let my eyelid close, sorry tummy..not today.

    I really need a rest.. probably a longer sleep next time.