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    You Are Forever My Friends

    I am blessed for having so many  friends, i have few groups of close friends, i categorized them as trusted friends, loyal friends, supportive friends, negative thinking kind of friends, back stabbing friends,  and crazy silly funny friends whom i love the best.  Even i categorized them, i needed them.. everyone of them, when i caught with a situation that needed an opinion,  i turn to the negative thinking friends.. i need their negative view first then i go to my supportive friends. Don’t judge your friends, just see which one is  for which situation, that helps, not everyone can be trusted, when you spill your secret to the wrong friend.. you will be forever regret.

    To me friends are my shoulder to cry on, to rely on, to laugh with, to share with.. about love, secret, skin.. where to get the best acne treatment, which is the best salon and everything you want to ask.. ask your friends.  I love my friends the way they are, every each of them open my eyes and mind with their own opinion.  Their feedbacks are important to me but it is not necessary for me to accept it, there are right and wrong.  Friends are our references, the only person who have the answer is YOU.

    Accept our friends the way their are, if you cannot change them, change yourself to accept them, if you allow yourself to accept the way they are then you are adding few more friends in life.

    It is easy to find a friend but not easy to have good friend, a friend will agree with you but a good friend sometimes do otherwise .. depending on your situation.. good friend can be harsh sometimes.. but they are sincere and thats what friends are for.  I continue adding new friends list ..  friendship is like flower.. it need to be shower with love and care and it will grow and continue to grow.

    If you are my friend, I assure you .. I will forever yours!

    .. Beautiza ..