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    Eat, Eat and Eat!

    I love to eat nowadays.. i eat, eat and eat! more appetite then before.  Don’t ask me ..how or why.. i can’t answer that.  I have been concerned with my weight after i got my chicken pox.. i losses few kilos.. i eat just to gain back my normal weight but it seems now i gain extra kilos.  If i don’t control myself i will ended up buying plus size lingerie and other clothes will not fit me anymore.. i don’t want that to happen.

    Now my concern is not to stop myself from this appetite but to have proper diet, healthy foods.   I don’t know about you, but to me.. junk foods always easy to get and to munch.. while healthy foods needs good recipe.

    I am not saying.. big or fat is ugly.. or slim or skinny is beautiful, what important is our health, whatever sizes or shapes we are in, we still believe that we can show our figure and being healthy will enhance our skin and have great energy.

    Don’t worry about how you look but concern about how you feel.. being healthier is better!  So if you feels like eating.. eat, eat and eat!