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    What Impressions You Make To Others?

    How do you talk to people? what impression does you give to them? nice, sweet, charming, funny, unforgettable, clumbsy, serious, well the list goes on and on.. positive and negative.

    Sometimes we try hard to look good to others and sometimes we even have to pretend.  In the corporate world especially, i see people changes their mood and mask when meeting with their bosses or clients, just to make the great impression.   Why can’t we be ourselves? just have the conversation the way you have it with other people but just learn to check with the situation and learn how to interact with different people.

    You want to be yourself, start analyze what can be done.. just like any Personalized Jewelry, how you want it too look..what would be the color, the shapes, how would you make it attractive?  so that people can be attracted to see it again and again.  I believe everything start with sincerity, with a smile.. a sincere smile and when you talk.. make your eyes talks too. How? you may say.. well.. play with it..not wink..ok.. just make an impression with your eyes.. your eye brow.. Not sure? ok look in the mirror..and start talking.. talk with an angry tone, now look at your eyebrow, now..talk with your smile.. make it happy.. look at your eyes.  Practice talking with a smile and play with your eyes, how it moves but dont over do it… you will look silly.. just practice, you will easily know how when you use to it.

    Your voice and intonation plays a very important role in talking too and your facial impressions, how relax are you, how sincere are you or how friendly you are.  Again you need to practice and learn!

    Remember to be sincere when you talk to people, they will remember you if you  give a good impressions!