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    Stop Saying ‘WHY’ For Judgement

    While i was walking from my car to my office, i realized something.. something i just learn in life.  Don’t questions too much about certain things.  Things that happened for a reason, stop asking so many ‘WHY’, its ok for a child to ask but not us adults.. you know WHY?  God is great, you asked questions, God give you answer.. ‘HOW?’.. well God dont reply your email or sms you but God put you in that situation.  God makes you feel the situation then you know ‘WHY’ is ‘WHY’.. you got me?

    My friend keep on asking questions on ‘why’ certain relationship just happened.. then she realize she was in that situation.. ‘ask and you may be given’.  I say just becareful on what our judgement like, just stick to asking why in things that can help your self development, career but not to judgement better stay away from that.

    Just focus on ourself, something better, you can’t say ‘WHY’ i have more wrinkles each time i look at the mirror.. that part just say.. ‘HOW’ am i going to reduce wrinkles..ofcourse the answer will be.. anti-wrinkle creams.

    So the next time you feel like doing judgement on others and tempted to ask yourself or others on ‘WHY’..please think twice.. let what happened as it is.. if it can be changed for good..that is good ..but i can’t be changed just accept the reality and move on.  Life is not always HEAVEN.. got to taste the feel of HELL.. and back to HEAVEN!

    Remember.. stop saying ‘WHY’.. for judgment…you don’t want to get into that situation to get the answer.