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    I am with me and myself

    I really feels i needed a holiday.. to me a holiday is being on my own..alone!  Now i feel that moment, being away from my family for few days really makes me understand myself better.  You know what?  i realized how stupid and silly i am, how can i hide that.  I discovered it when i am alone.. stupidity is not bad.. i learn to accept my stupidity then i discover my intelligence.. how cool is that.  I let myself embrace loneliness in order to celebrate having new circle of friends.

    Being alone is being with me, myself and I, makes me understand who i really am, letting myself scan me, taking my own Xray.  Searching and finding what is missing in my life, what i need in my life, what i keep in my life and what i need to let go.

    I woke up, straight to the bathroom..standing near the insinkerator..look myself in the mirror.. take my time looking at myself.  I appreciate this moment of loneliness, i accept the truth in me and i admire myself for being true to myself.

    You don’t probably understand what i am trying to say.. but i understand myself very well.. that what matters most.