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    Celebrating Life!

    Ya lets celebrate life!.. enjoy the moment.. enjoy the moment of happy, joy, success and all the moments that makes us smile or even laugh. But is that the only life we have.. ? Do we just live in that state of happiness all the time? What about sorrow, sadness, emptiness, loneliness and angry? Isn’t that part of our life?

    I learned my lesson well, after feeling being a champion all this while I learn a hard life lesson that just trigger me to change.. change to be a better person. It is hard to swallow but I managed to taste and feel it, I plan my life but God make a plan out of it. I discover anger and hatred coming but I managed to overcome it with love and forgiveness because that is what I need to make me ease my burden and guilt. I experience loneliness but God makes me believe that He is with me and I am not alone.

    I celebrate my sadness, guilt, angry, rejected and embrace the feeling, I cry with it and after I had it  I change it to happiness, forgiveness, happy, being loved and life with that moment. It is not easy but it is possible when you accept it.

    I realized by now that a good friend not only the one who gives you great comments, praises and ‘yes’ to whatever you say but also the one who gives you negatives feedback and makes you think twice and never look back. It just how to accept the feedback and how to overcome it.

    No need to change how you feel straight away.. enjoy the moment of sorrow and slowly let it go.. its like standing in an a dirty bathroom  pretending to have a clean and nice bathroom vanity then you realize you need to have that change and you go to action..and change it.