My Son’s First School Bus Ride

Everybody wants the best for their children, especially in education and in terms of security in every aspect.  Most mothers are very protective and sensitive on their children needs and for that reason picking him from school everyday and sending him to daycare for tuition have been my routine since early this year and which have been my reason for my quick weight loss all this while.

I  had to make a hard decision when i found out that his tuition teacher had transferred and yet to find a replacement.  I found out that there are a tuition somewhere near the school, a teacher come to get their students from the school itself but they have to follow the school bus which i never thought i wanted my son to be in.

Maybe i am over protected and scared that my son can’t handle the situation, the first day my son joined the tuition, i went into the school compound, parking as usual in hoping to see how is his reaction.  I drive slowly when i saw the school bus, i was hoping to see him without he sees me but  when the bus drove in front, my son was looking at me with his surprise face.. his face just says ‘ why mummy?’.. that face was just so sad to see..  i realized i was in tears.. ya.. i was crying.. lucky i was wearing my dark glasses..but i just smile, wave at him and give him flying kiss.

I tailed the school bus until they reached the destination, i was crying while driving.. .  I managed to take picture from my hand phone… i am not sure if you can see him.. he was looking at me from the back seat.. huhu.


can you see him? …


First day in tuition, he did not take his lunch, maybe he was hoping and waited for me to get him but luckily the day after that, he can adjust with the situation and that just make me proud of him.  I hope he will be able to learn and  communicate mandarin with his friends and teachers.

When you worry, no problem can be solved but when you try to solve a problem, you don’t have to worry anymore!


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5 Responses to “My Son’s First School Bus Ride”

  1. zan says:

    duiii giaa, so cute him! 😉 i’d feel the same way too, shirl.. risau bah kan

  2. Cay says:

    Yeah same goes to me always worried ….i think all mummy out there will be thinking and doing the same thing as what u did hehehe …

  3. jppmom says:

    ley, he is so brave. Even when he saw you, he still go inside the school bus. Bravo!!!

  4. deana says:

    R u a cancerian? most cancerian are protective mom..i know it’s not easy. ini baru di kk, how about if he leaves to furher his study overseas..hmm, hard to be a mom kan?

  5. SJB says:

    Kesian oh. Teringat saya time my big boy first time naik bus sekolah. Sakit hati tengok tapi lama lama ok juga hehehe.

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