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Sorry, Please and Thank You!

Please explain to me why is it some people having problem expressing their feelings. Why have to control your emotions? Why hide their feelings even they know they are guilty, worried and concern but when it comes to anger it is easy to burst out.

They still managed to sense their feeling but get control of their emotions because they don’t want others to notice what is happening. If you are guilty, and you know it is your fault just say ‘SORRY’.

Share your feelings… let it out. If you concern about something or someone and don’t know how to start the conversation, start using ‘PLEASE’. “Please let me know what can i do to help”, “please let me know what bothering you”, if they don’t want to talk about it just comfort them.

Another easy words to say that seems hard for others is ‘THANK YOU’. Do you know when you say it sincerely it become natural to you.

These three words are the most important and valuable in everyday communication no matter at home or at work. Saying SORRY, PLEASE and THANK YOU sincerely will be more meaningful then just saying it.

Let say i am giving away Branson vacation packages for free. How would you ask me if you want it? Of course you still need to say.. please.. and i am sure you will say thank you if i give it to you but if you don’t convince me with the three magic words i might have to say.. sorry, please try again, thank you.


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