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We will be to Disneyland… one day


My children loves to watch Disney movie, well, who don’t? I love it too. We were at the airport last week, and there is a banner on Hong Kong Disneyland, my daughter got so excited.. ‘mummy, look Disneyland!, can we go there?’ I answered her with full confident.. ‘yes dear, one day’. She got so excited.

In the car, she still imagining about Disneyland, she describe to me what her Disneyland was, she said its full of princesses and princes, Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, it is cold and need to buy snow boots because the floor are made of ice. I let her imagination runs wild, she really talk as if she have been there and i can see the excitement in her eyes.

I told her if she really wants to go there, keep imagining and it will happen. I am sure one day we will have a trip to fine day.

Imagine and have faith and you will achieve what you believe.


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