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Goodbye Debbie.. Rest in Peace


I was waiting for my husband in my car, one evening when i saw a few western tourists walking by, they reminded me of an English couple i met in 2000, Roy and Sheila. The first time we met in Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru, we had a conversation, within that week, we met twice then i decided to bring them for dinner in Nelayan Restaurant, we did and it was an unforgettable dinner, instead of me paying, Roy paid for it ..hehehe. Since then, we have been contacted via email though her daughter, Debbie. Both of us became good friend, i always asked her for advice and we chat occasionally, we were hoping to meet one day.

Today, i was online searching online insurance quotes, then i remember Debbie, it has been awhile that she never commented in my FB and i have not seen her online in Yahoo messenger. I just simply checked on her son’s fb profile and to my surprised to see words of condolences to him, i scrolled down ‘…sorry for your loss, Debbie was a great lady…’ one of the commenters wrote. I have loss a dear friend whom i haven’t met, according to her son, Marc, her mother passed away on 10 July 2010, it was just a day before my birthday.

She left behind, Marc his only son, whenever i chat with Debbie, she will always mentioned about Marc, how proud she is to be his mother. This is how Marc described her mother ‘…. she was beautiful, funny, caring, loving everyone loved to be around her, life and soul of the party, a great friend and the best Mum in the world..’.

Debbie, we never met but we know each other, we speak by reading not by words,we share secret because we believe what friendship holds. I am sad for not being able to meet you but i am happy to have a friend like you.

How sad we say goodbye without saying hi… Rest In Peace Debbie..



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