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My Son’s First School Bus Ride

Everybody wants the best for their children, especially in education and in terms of security in every aspect.  Most mothers are very protective and sensitive on their children needs and for that reason picking him from school everyday and sending him to daycare for tuition have been my routine since early this year and whichContinue Reading “My Son’s First School Bus Ride”

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Hobby for Money

Do you love to do something that makes you happy? A hobby maybe bake cakes, drawing, photography, make jewelry, sewing, anything that you love to do when you have your free time. If you enjoy your hobby and you have passion on it, well don’t go for other courses or business, polish your skill thatContinue Reading “Hobby for Money”

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I am aware it is still September but it seems that December are just around the corner. December is always about Christmas and presents. I am still not sure what present should i give my children. I usually gives them books and toys but i believe my son is ready for PS3, the only concernContinue Reading “Presents!”