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    My Son’s First School Bus Ride

    Everybody wants the best for their children, especially in education and in terms of security in every aspect.  Most mothers are very protective and sensitive on their children needs and for that reason picking him from school everyday and sending him to daycare for tuition have been my routine since early this year and which have been my reason for my quick weight loss all this while.

    I  had to make a hard decision when i found out that his tuition teacher had transferred and yet to find a replacement.  I found out that there are a tuition somewhere near the school, a teacher come to get their students from the school itself but they have to follow the school bus which i never thought i wanted my son to be in.

    Maybe i am over protected and scared that my son can’t handle the situation, the first day my son joined the tuition, i went into the school compound, parking as usual in hoping to see how is his reaction.  I drive slowly when i saw the school bus, i was hoping to see him without he sees me but  when the bus drove in front, my son was looking at me with his surprise face.. his face just says ‘ why mummy?’.. that face was just so sad to see..  i realized i was in tears.. ya.. i was crying.. lucky i was wearing my dark glasses..but i just smile, wave at him and give him flying kiss.

    I tailed the school bus until they reached the destination, i was crying while driving.. .  I managed to take picture from my hand phone… i am not sure if you can see him.. he was looking at me from the back seat.. huhu.


    can you see him? …


    First day in tuition, he did not take his lunch, maybe he was hoping and waited for me to get him but luckily the day after that, he can adjust with the situation and that just make me proud of him.  I hope he will be able to learn and  communicate mandarin with his friends and teachers.

    When you worry, no problem can be solved but when you try to solve a problem, you don’t have to worry anymore!


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    Hobby for Money

    Do you love to do something that makes you happy? A hobby maybe bake cakes, drawing, photography, make jewelry, sewing, anything that you love to do when you have your free time. If you enjoy your hobby and you have passion on it, well don’t go for other courses or business, polish your skill that you enjoy most. You don’t even have to think where and how to get other income.. your passion is your income! When we do something we enjoy, we tend to do it again..and again.. you fail ..you learn again because your passion is there.

    Why trouble yourself taking courses that you think will give you income but you not enjoying it? You love baking cakes.. go ahead and practice, you love drawing..go make a master piece.

    I am sure you agree with me that it is hard-to-find gifts and great gift ideas, why don’t you make something from your hobby as a gift. That will be a start on promoting your hobby as a business in the future. Bake someone a birthday cake today and give them as a gift, they might order from you in the future.

    Hobby with passion create income, let it out and you will have something out of it.


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    I am aware it is still September but it seems that December are just around the corner. December is always about Christmas and presents. I am still not sure what present should i give my children. I usually gives them books and toys but i believe my son is ready for PS3, the only concern is how manage his time with studying and playing. Well, i have another two months to think about it and also save.

    Oh presents.. can’t wait to give and can’t wait to receive.. December i wait!