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    To Repair Or Change :(

    Oh again my sofa, it seems like never ending story.  I wanted to buy a new sofa set but if i think about it, the sofa is still in a good condition the only problem is the cushions it is so thin, when you sit you can feel your bump touching the wood.  My sofa looks so terrible and uncomfortable.   But i don’t know when i want to go to a cushion shop to get a new one or get this one repair.  So today while on our way back from my parents house, we stop at Chan Furniture just to check new furniture, the latest style and survey the price.  Well not much choice and the price don’t really match the quality.

    What really attract customers is the colors of the sofa and cushion, maybe i will search for a log furniture instead, it have a country’s style, just add colorful cushion covers, i am sure it will look trendy.

    I know i need to make up my mind, but before i decide, i need to survey and compare.  Also need a time frame to do this, or else i will posting the same story next time.