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    Understand Your Child’s Learning Style

    When you START reading this, you will not STOP until the END of the story because you want to know what your LEARNING STYLE are.

    Have you ever wonder why when you read a book, you can’t seem to get it in your head and you try to read it all over again?  but did you notice that if you read aloud, you will remember better?  I am one of them, who like doing that, sound weird but that is my style.

    Some of you prefer writing down things you want to remember, you will remember them better that way and you prefer looking at the person talking or giving instruction to you, that will help you focus.

    And others learn or memories best using flashcards or notes, you need to feel and touch to remember information or details.

    Which one of the above is related to you? You not sure? Well, i will make your life easier and this is not only for you but also you children.

    You can help do this quiz on behalf of your children because you know your children best then you can find out what is  your child’s learning strategies. Don’t try hard doing how other people learn, their style of learning are different from yours.

    You need to know whether you or your child’s is Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic .  Try this quiz just CLICK HERE. If you want to know more about this topic, please do not hesitate to drop any questions in my email and no spam please.


    You will find it is easier to make your child learn from now on.  If you read my post about my son, how active he was and still is, he is in the Visual and Kinesthetic’s categories, so i use both method to teach him.  He like online activity to learn because he memories better with what he sees, so i need laptop most of the time.  When doing homework, I give him break time 3-5 minutes during the the learning and most of all for my son, i give praises to encourage.  Not to much, as simple as ‘you see you can do it!‘, or ‘i knew you can spell that’!


    We are not STUPID, we just need to find out our learning style and you will be amazed on how SMART you really are!