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How to be Happy in Life

Happiness is a choice.  Unhappy people struggle with judging themselves for not being able to easily shift to a happy state of mind.  Here are some specific tips you can blend into your every day life :

  • Smile a lot – There are enough smiling muscles involved for your brain to think you re smiling and start producing “happy” chemicals.
  • Sing! – Singing works just like smiling, causing your body to produce “feeling good” chemicals.  Sing in the car, sing in the shower, sing when you feel frustrated and notice how the negative feelings melt away.
  • Hang around positive people – Having happy people around you will make it easy to learn happiness.  Happy people have fun around them.
  • Get a move on -Being physically active makes you happy.  Find some activity you like to do and notice how it changes you mood : including any kind of sport, dance and yoga.  Make a habit of being active in any way you feel like.
  • Get creative – Creativity is a great way to find happiness.  Paint, draw, dance, sculpt, cook, write poetry or tend the garden.  Tap into your creative abilities and find your “happy sport”.
  • Act like a child – Do childish things to feel young and fresh.  Remember, “We do not stop playing because we grow old.  We grow old because we stop playing”.
  • Be kind – Do random acts of kindness every day.  It can be as simple as saying something nice, offering help, or giving up your place in a queue.
  • Be grateful – Practice gratitude : say thank you for everything you have and appreciate in your life.

Article from NST, interesting and I hope this tips will help you to be happy in life.

You don’t seek happiness, it is not material, happiness is how you want it to be and feel, its in your state of mind.



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