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Appreciate Before Its too Late

Appreciate! Appreciate!… what a simple word..say it out loud again… APPRECIATE! Easy to pronounce but believe it or not it is not easy to do. To appreciate what we have, appreciate where we are now, appreciate our relationship with those we love.. our spouse, family and friends and even to appreciate the tiny little things they did for us. We tend to forget to say that little appreciation to others .. as little as ‘thank you’ or ‘nice of you‘ and we on the other hand, wanting to hear these words. We don’t need to know if the person need to be appreciated or not, it come naturally from you, your sincerity.

I realized that when we go through something terribly wrong, then we naturally appreciate who and what we have. Take myself as an example, I always concern about how i look and feel uncomfortable if don’t look good especially when going out but during my 2 weeks quarantine because of chicken pox, i want to imagine my looks without that eekey red dots on my face, i appreciate my imperfection. I often feel my husband’s lack of concern and appreciation towards me but during that weeks, he really took good care of me and for few days he had to travel a long way to check on my children at my parents house without complaints. I realized my parents love and concern for always being there for my family and take care of my children during the weeks.

Being alone at home, giving me the opportunity to read my collections of e-books, I wanted to forget about the chicken pox, I was on my netbook most of the time, staring the monitor was my daily routine, i can actually do a netbook reviews.  Anyway, despite the itchy, uneasy, red dotes, I do appreciate the moment of being alone.

Since then, I am a natural in appreciating others, I then realized when you appreciate the tiny things they have done to you, in return you get appreciated, sometimes not by words but by how they looks at you..their ‘smile’.

Start appreciating before its too late!


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