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    New Circle of Friends

    Before  attending the course, i cannot imagine the whole situation will be, the participants especially but during the course, i feel comfortable with friendly friend.  I believe in every chapter of our life, we will meet new circle of friends.  I am blessed to have met them, sharing experiences and learning together.


    The group photo taken on day one.


    On day six, we don’t feel like leaving the class that early…


    Mr. Ramli and his son Syafee, what a sporting father he is..and obedient son syafee is..interesting father and son combination.


    Me and Ai Chern discovered our similarity and will continue our friendship..for tips and references…


    I will have a long praise for this young man… glad to know him.

    IMG_2586wonderful …loving..and friendly trecy…


    Okay this is the best part, on the last day we went out for a tea.. Ai Chern, Trecy, Angie and her sister Rendy, and of course my wonderful friend Hari.  We talked about so many things.. not much about skin care or what so ever, so pronexin reviews was not in the list.  We shared our interesing story about life, experiences and sharing tips.
    The new circle of friends on every chapter of life is a new experience to appreciate!