The fourth day of the course, we started where we stop before. We notice the difference from the previous 3 days class, despite of the learning becoming more interesting, we easily volunteer ourselves to be in front of everybody.

If you have read my previous posts, you may have realized by now that i did not mentioned names and not even pictures on it, it is not that i don’t want to mention about it but the main reason is i did not bring any camera with me, i bought it along with me on my second trip.

Here some pictures of us enjoying our lunch at the Ipoh Kopitiam Restaurant nearby.. it is halal by the way and not spicy so we don’t really care about acne at that moment.




That evening, my cousin Simon came and picked me from class and off we go ..the fastest shopping spree at 1Utama. I cannot resist taking this pictures of creative..


that’s my cousin if you can see him.