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The Course – Third Day

I am sure you will be wonder by now, what course i am taking. Well, don’t stop reading my blog yet, this is just a start. I will not mentioned the participants name or what course i am taking until the final day please bear with me.

What can i say about the third day? It becoming more interesting, more video to watch to make us understand more and never the less the theory. I am becoming more confident with myself, i have problems talking in front of people but i feel more comfortable with this new situation. Well that’s a little bit about the third day.

Since we not going to have class the next day, i have decided to stay at my in law’s house but before that we celebrated our niece’s birthday before went to Kg.Pandan, there i met my husband’s cousin who have lose weight, she is on diet, i wouldn’t know what pill she took, maybe apidexin, i should have asked her. My brother in-law have taken leave especially for the final FIFA..the new champion are Spain of course.

Cant wait to go home the next day..


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