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Coming Home

I am so excited, i can imagine how my children feels well that goes for my husband too. It is time to go home.. can’t wait.

Before i go, i managed to get few things for my children at my favorites place…JayaJusco..that was the shortest shopping i have ever done…hahaha..less then an hour. Anyway that is good or else i will keep on spending like no tomorrow.

Brother in law drive me to KL Central.. well of course took the bus to the airport.. damn so tiring. The timing was so good, i have time to relax, check in without hurry, the flight was delayed though.

On board… and off board, walking to the plane and out.. to the terminal.. so far, it can burn calories. If i walk like that everyday i don’t have to consume moyoberry, the walking can help me in shape.

Yes.. my family was waiting..i can see the smiles in their face.. the short trip feels so long.


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  • carol

    Nice theme you have here. The course…is that the one you were pursuing before? Maybe I’m wrong..just guessing hehe 🙂
    Good on you..must enjoy the course or otherwise kan..

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