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    Coming Home

    I am so excited, i can imagine how my children feels well that goes for my husband too. It is time to go home.. can’t wait.

    Before i go, i managed to get few things for my children at my favorites place…JayaJusco..that was the shortest shopping i have ever done…hahaha..less then an hour. Anyway that is good or else i will keep on spending like no tomorrow.

    Brother in law drive me to KL Central.. well of course took the bus to the airport.. damn so tiring. The timing was so good, i have time to relax, check in without hurry, the flight was delayed though.

    On board… and off board, walking to the plane and out.. to the terminal.. so far, it can burn calories. If i walk like that everyday i don’t have to consume moyoberry, the walking can help me in shape.

    Yes.. my family was waiting..i can see the smiles in their face.. the short trip feels so long.


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    The Course – Third Day

    I am sure you will be wonder by now, what course i am taking. Well, don’t stop reading my blog yet, this is just a start. I will not mentioned the participants name or what course i am taking until the final day please bear with me.

    What can i say about the third day? It becoming more interesting, more video to watch to make us understand more and never the less the theory. I am becoming more confident with myself, i have problems talking in front of people but i feel more comfortable with this new situation. Well that’s a little bit about the third day.

    Since we not going to have class the next day, i have decided to stay at my in law’s house but before that we celebrated our niece’s birthday before went to Kg.Pandan, there i met my husband’s cousin who have lose weight, she is on diet, i wouldn’t know what pill she took, maybe apidexin, i should have asked her. My brother in-law have taken leave especially for the final FIFA..the new champion are Spain of course.

    Cant wait to go home the next day..


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    The Course – Second Day

    I am aware of the differences among participants but we mix along naturally. I notice that after a few lesson that we need to interact and communicate among others, we easily connected, it was uneasy before but it became comfortable after that.

    This second day, one of the participants buy me dinner, she was one of them who are in the insurance line, unfortunately not in the auto insurance line or else i can easily get auto insurance quote from her. Well no business involved, it was more on knowing each other, she is a very nice and wise lady.

    It becoming more interesting, not only i gain more knowledge from what i wanted to learn, i also added more friends in my list.

    Cant wait for the next day..